[83][84], Governor Giovanni Toti said that the loss of the bridge was an "incident of vast proportions on a vital arterial road, not just for Genoa, but for the whole country". [59][60][61] A preliminary investigative report suggested the pillar itself may have collapsed first,[62][63][64] but Genoa prosecutors had not provided the report's authors with a local video showing the southern stays gave way first. [89], The collapse raised concerns about the general condition of infrastructure in Europe, with studies in Italy, France, and Germany suggesting that a significant number of bridges are in need of renovation or replacement due to corrosion and structural deterioration. Ad alcuni, già noti, vengono addebitate nuove ipotesi di reato. [47][48] The collapsed span was centred on the westernmost cable-stayed pillar, pillar 9,[47] and crossed the Polcevera river as well as an industrial area of Sampierdarena. From the movement of the top cross-beam, it appears the tension cables of the south-eastern stay gave way. [14], In a 1979 report, Morandi himself recommended for authorities to "remove all traces of rust on the exposure of the reinforcements, fill the patches with epoxy resin, and cover everything up with elastomer of very high chemical resistance". 0 users love this project . comment. [16] As of the collapse of the bridge, only pillar 11 had been internally inspected in the 1990s, showing severed and oxidized strands. It connected Genoa's Sampierdarena and Cornigliano districts across the Polcevera valley. Sul crollo del ponte Morandi parla l'ingegnere incaricato di alcuni lavori di rinforzo al viadotto: "Crollato per una cannonata da 3,5 tonnellate". [87] Some of the victims' families refused to attend the service and instead hosted private funerals. The dead were 29 citizens of Italy, four from France, three from Chile, two from Albania and one each from Colombia, Jamaica, Moldova, Peru, and Romania. [88], In mid-2020, control of the infrastructure company was given back to the government after legislations had reduced the penalty for changing the ownership structure. [citation needed], The viaduct was officially opened on 4 September 1967 in the presence of Italian President Giuseppe Saragat. [34][35], Workers were installing new heavy concrete Jersey barriers on the Ponte Morandi before it collapsed, reducing the already low compressive pre-stress on the concrete of the stays and increasing the loads. View La tragedia del Ponte Morandi images from our The collapse of the Morandi Bridge photo gallery. Italia. Ha tenuto corsi di forma e strutture di ponti presso la facoltà di Architettura dell’Università di Firenze. In Genoa, in 2017, a confidential university report noted disparities in the behaviour of the stays of the now collapsed pillar 9. Morandi was, in fact, among the first to use concrete in the s and then the prestressed concrete. [66], In July 2019, a video showing the fall of the bridge was made public. [44] The study showed that, in the option for improving what was termed as the "low gutter", it would be more economical to replace the bridge with a new one north of its current location, and then to demolish the existing bridge. The Ponte Morandi bridge, named after its designer Riccardo Morandi, is part of the Polcevera viaduct and was a … ", "Genova, crollo ponte Morandi: le vittime", "Italy bridge: Dozens feared dead in Genoa as motorway collapses", "Crollo ponte Morandi, una testimone: tiranti spezzati insieme", "As it happened: Genoa motorway bridge disaster", "Genova, crolla parte di un ponte sull'A10. [49], A large part of the collapsed bridge and the vehicles on it fell into the rain-swollen Polcevera. However, Autostrade, the company that maintained the bridge, objected that the video still does not show all bridge structures and so it does not really explain the cause. Inchiesta ponte Morandi, Schema del Quesito formulato dal giudice per accertare le cause del crollo. "[93] Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini also blamed supposed EU spending limits for infrastructure, but this was immediately dismissed and disproven by European Commission officials. Auto sotto le macerie: "Almeno venti vittime, "Italy's Autostrade was carrying out maintenance on Genoa bridge", "As imagens da ponte Morandi minutos antes de colapsar em Génova", "Exclusive | Collapsed Italy bridge investigators find corrosion on main stay cables", "Death toll in Italy bridge collapse rises to 41", "Crollo ponte Morandi Genova, si continua a scavare: si cercano ancora 5 dispersi", "Hoe kon de Ponte Morandi in het Italiaanse Genua instorten? [78], The day after the collapse, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte declared a state of emergency for the Liguria region, which would last for a year. [79] According to deputy minister of infrastructure Edoardo Rixi, the entire bridge would be demolished. [77], The railways connecting Genoa Sampierdarena (and Genoa Piazza Principe) with Genoa Borzoli and Genoa Rivarolo were closed immediately as a result of the bridge's collapse. ⭕️ ROME 25/12/1989, deceased on Christmas day, aged 87, the engineer and architect Riccardo Morandi. In contrast, with bare tendons which are relatively under-constrained like the strings in a piano, the effect of pre-stress is dominant in determining the resonant frequency. Autostrade ha minimizzato gravità della situazione, "Ponte Morandi, ecco perché è crollato: il nuovo video choc con l'ult...", "Ponte Morandi, la sorpresa dei magistrati per la relazione, prematura, della commissione Mit", "Ponte Morandi bridge collapses in Genoa during storm", "Morandi Bridge: anaylsis [sic] of the Ferrometal CCTV video clip in six enhanced sequences", https://www.idnes.cz/zpravy/zahranicni/most-zriceni-janov-italie-srpen-mrtvi-video-policie-statni-zastupitalstvi.A190701_214733_zahranicni_lesa, "Genoa Bridge Collapse Throws Harsh Light on Benettons' Highway Billions", https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/01/world/europe/italy-genoa-bridge-collapse-benettons.html, "Dieci i ponti crollati in 5 anni: in calo la manutenzione e gli investimenti", "Demolition of Genoa's Ponte Morandi is underway", "Morandi bridge towers demolished in Genoa", "Grief and anger at Italy bridge collapse", "Former Cagliari keeper survives 'apocalyse' Genoa bridge collapse", "Italy bridge rescuers search into the night", "Morandi Bridge collapse: how to travel through Genoa now", "Italy bridge: State of emergency follows Genoa disaster", "Genova, crolla ponte Morandi sulla A10: "Sono 23 le vittime accertate". Precipitati 30 auto e 3 tir: si cercano dispersi. [75][76], The area under the remaining part of the bridge, including several homes, was evacuated. [37] Modal frequencies were more than 10% different, specifically on the southern stays. Aperta inchiesta per omicidio e disastro colposi", "Quando il M5S parlava della "favoletta del ponte che sta per crollare" per bloccare la variante", "Quella "favoletta" sul rischio crollo del ponte che imbarazza i 5 Stelle, convinti "No Gronda". Related Videos. Era stato inaugurato 51 anni fa", "IL PONTE MORANDI ERA DEFINITO UN 'VIADOTTO MALATO' E SEMPRE SOGGETTO A LAVORI DI MANUTENZIONE", "Ing. [100], The collapsed section of the Ponte Morandi, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, In the Venezuelan bridge the stays was not covered with prestressed concrete, "Expert reaction to Genoa motorway bridge collapse", "La storia del Ponte Morandi: un tempo avveniristico, ma non mancavano criticità", "Crollo Genova, trovato l'ultimo disperso sotto le macerie: è l'operaio Mirko. E l’abbiamo trovato. Ponte Morandi, l’inaugurazione prevista entro primavera 2020 Le prossime tappe del Ponte Morandi: il 1° ottobre sarà varata la prima campata da 50 metri, entro aprile del 2020 è previsto il taglio del nastro. I nomi iscritti nel registro sono in tutto 74. ", "Repair of the stay cables of the Polcevera Viaduct in Genova, Italy", "Detail view – Part of reinforced pylon number 10. [94] The position of the Benetton family, whose company owns 30% of Atlantia, has also come under scrutiny. 9 started dropping virtually simultaneously. Ponte morandi 25 12 2014 3,072 × 2,304; 2.18 mb ponte morandi 2,526 × 559; 101 kb saragat all'inaugurazione del viadotto polcevera 1967 545 × 415; 290 kb. [18][19] Pillar 10 had the stays at the top strengthened with steel sheathing in the 1990s. Scientists from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, developed a method of analyzing satellite data to detect millimeter-size changes. Demolition began in February 2019[72] and was completed on 28 June 2019. Their analysis suggests that the deck between pier 10 and pier 11 had minimal movements until early 2015, and that between March 2017 and August 2018 there was a significant increase in structural changes (noting that the collapsed pier is pier 9, without any consequential damage to piers 10 and 11, and the between deck). ", "In Italy Bridge Collapse, Both Design and Upkeep Are Under Suspicion", "Ponte Morandi: online la relazione della Commissione Ispettiva Mit | mit", "Ponte Morandi, la Commissione: "Crollo dovuto a struttura, non a stralli. Ingegneria. I mages have emerged of the "crumbling" Ponte Morandi bridge in Genoa, a year before it collapsed killing 39 people. Italiano: Immagine del Ponte Morandi, dopo il crollo avvenuto il 14 agosto Visuale da Est presso lo svincolo di Genova Ovest. Ponte Morandi (Morandi-broen) var en del af Polcevera-viadukten (italiensk: Viadotto Polcevera) på motorvej A10 i Italien.Den krydsede floden Polcevera mellem distrikterne Sampierdarena og Cornigliano i Genova, Liguria. Nei confronti degli altri, finora non iscritti nel registro degli indagati, si legge nella nota della Procura, sono emersi indizi di responsabilità. Only after continual measurement, redesign and associated structural work was the vehicle deck considered acceptable, approaching horizontal by the mid-1980s. On 3 May 2018, the Autostrade company had announced a call for tenders for a structural upgrade of the viaduct to the value of €20,159,000, with a deadline of 11 June 2018. La Procura di Genova ha reso pubblica la lista aggiornata degli indagati per il crollo del ponte Morandi, del 14 agosto scorso. The disaster caused a major political controversy about the poor state of infrastructure in Italy and raised wider questions about the condition of bridges across Europe. Viadukten blev opført mellem 1963 og 1967. It originated from the nearby Ferrometal company cameras, showing that both southern stays and locally attached road sections at pillar no. Muore uno dei feriti, le vittime totali sono 43", https://www.france24.com/en/20200803-italy-inaugurates-new-genoa-bridge-two-years-after-deadly-collapse, "The long term behaviour of viaducts subjected to heavy traffic and situated in an aggressive environment: the viaduct on the Polcevera in Genoa", "Viaducto sobre el Polcevera, en Génova, Italia", "Understanding Morandi - Part 1 - The Post-Stressed Conrete Cable Stays", "Genova: crollo del ponte Morandi. [69] The family waited two days to release a company public statement offering condolences to victims and their families.[70]. [98] The research and imagery was forwarded to the Italian authorities for further evaluation. 3/�@�SS��R��7K��1e+���d �w�R�v��Te:�OReQ!��P�-�I��_�-~�&_ON�^WT9�~�B��X� ��136�h���ܭ&Q�/�䨧�����ٮ���m��� DN. A maggio bando di gara per sostituirli", "Italy bridge collapse serves as a cautionary tale on older bridges", "Replacing Corroded Cables on a Cable-Stayed Bridge", "Maracaibo, 1964: El otro puente de Morandi siniestrado", "Beyond Engineering: The Politics of Maracaibo – ProQuest", "Le interrogazioni in Senato di Rossi a Delrio: "Ponte a rischio, i giunti cedono. The bridge was an engineering and architectural landmark since its construction. Dal 1971 è stato Research Professor presso l’Università Statale della Florida. Date: 19 August 2018, 16:41:54: Source: Own work: Author: Michele Ferraris: Camera location: 44° 25′ 29.23″ N, 8° 53′ 37.38″ E View this and other nearby images on: OpenStreetMap: Licensing . Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio claimed that they were "definitely to blame. Ingegnere Riccardo Morandi, … His works are scattered around the world a bit. The bridge is widely called "Ponte Morandi" after its structural designer, the noted engineer Riccardo Morandi.[2]. [73], Forty-three people were confirmed dead and 16 injured. [15] A single truck can weigh as much as 44,000 kg (97,000 lb). Camomilla: come e perché intervenimmo senza demolirlo sugli stralli della pila 11 del Ponte Morandi nel 1992", "Ponte Morandi, ispezioni su stralli erano fallite: Ministero ha approvato un progetto incompleto", "Ignored university reports about Morandi bridge: "Deformed pylons and oxidized cables, "Ponte Morandi a Genova, una tragedia annunciata? [71], It was later decided that the bridge would not be repaired but demolished. It was inaugurated on 3 August 2020. [17] From 1990 onward, the easternmost pillar 11 had its stays strengthened by flanking them with external steel cables. The effects would be reduced by the composite nature of the stays when observing global modes. [42] Other related methods were applied on the stays of Ponte Morandi in the 1990s, such as reflectometry, which was able to measure the tension but not strength of the tendons. [30] Traditionally, bridges were designed only for a 50-year life span;[23] the bridge failed just under 51 years after its opening. [46][74], Multiple survivors were transported to nearby hospitals, many in critical condition. The 37-year-old driver at the time of the accident recounted to the media how he looked in shock as the bridge busy with dense traffic collapsed in front of him, as he brought his vehicle to a stop and ran back until he reached firm ground. Ma l’ingegnere, che per anni ha lavorato per società Autostrade, ha chiesto di mantenere l’anonimato. [17] On pillar 9 they could identify only four global modes, and the deformations of two of these identified modes were not fully compliant. The steel sheathing has been added 1993 and later. [53], It has been reported that the southern stays gave way explosively due to corrosion and damage. Locals have posted images of the bridge … Ponte Morandi (English: Morandi Bridge), officially Viadotto Polcevera (English: Polcevera Viaduct),[1] was a road viaduct in Genoa (Italy), constructed between 1963 and 1967 along Italy's A10 motorway over the river Polcevera, from which it derived its official name. [51], The initial hypotheses were that a structural weakness or a landslide caused the collapse. Anche quest’altro ingegnere, assistente di Morandi, durante la costruzione del ponte sulla laguna di Maracaibo (fra il 1957 ed il ’62) quando parlava del Maestro, lo faceva con occhi trasognati, giacché, come tanti allora e prima di allora, lo stimava capace di grandi imprese. The remains of the original bridge were demolished in August 2019. The study highlighted how the traffic volume, with daily queues at peak hours joining the Autostrada Serravalle, produced "an intense degradation of the bridge structure subjected to considerable stress", with the need for continuous maintenance. It featured diagonal cable-stays, with the vertical trestle-like supports made up of sets of Vs: one set carrying the roadway deck, while the other pair of inverted Vs supported the top ends of two pairs of diagonal stay cables. Lei che è stato più volte ospite nelle reti nazio-nali, in cui è stato sempre richiamato il concetto di “errore di Morandi”, cosa ha pensato di questa eventualità? [13] This resulted in excessive deferred displacement of the vehicle deck so that it was neither level nor flat; at the worst points, it undulated in all three dimensions.