Small familly kennel, home of wire-haired and smooth-haired dachshunds with dual purpose. Cri y seleccion teckel miniatura y kaninchen. We are working from 1994. Venez rencontrer des races de chien que vous connaissez peu: Loup Tchèque, Shiba-inu, Akita-inu, Berger d'Islande, Spitz loup, Eurasier, Chien de Canaan, Suédois de Laponie, Teckel nain a poils longs, Caniche, Yorkshire. You can to buy puppies for show, breeding and pet in our kennel sometimes. Bienvenue dans notre élevage familial deTeckels Nains et Kaninchens à poils longs.A travers ces quelques images, nous espérons vous faire partager notre passion...Nos Teckels ... Ces petits bouts ont tout des grands !! Many champions, many results in Germany, france, luxembourg ... On my site you can find interesting informations and images about my pets. 10, novembre 2008) RED COLOUR IN WIRE-HAIRED DACHSHUND (from I Nostri Cani, the ENCI Official Magazine, Year 54°, nr. Beautiful, Sound & Show Winning Dachshunds.Visit our site to enjoy our dogs. Our target is to breed not only beautiful and work successful dogs, but mainly healthy, temperamentally An article come out in the most important dog magazine in Italy, the official magazine of E.N.C.I., the Italian Kennel Club, in which we write about the red colour in wire-haired dachshunds and the difficulties and properties of its selection. Hunting dogs kennel from Czech Republic. Bassotto a pelo lungo. 25 years ago smooths dachshunds kennel. We have been breeding standard and miniature dachshunds kurzhaar professionally. Dogs from us is used for hunting, blood-tracking, family-pets and shows. Indirizzo: via Santo Regolo, 48 - Tel: 3474555460 - [Web] - [E-Mail] il Feudo di Montecarotto Almost all reproductives are winners in their class, they do a lot of National and International shows. 10, November 2008) LE … Please visit our site for more information. Allevamento Bassotti delle Motte. Dachshund kannichen langhaired and Russian Toy longhired. Selective breeding of Kaninchen Dachshunds in Italy. Our first litter was born in 1996. kennel Kantri Park's from Russia. You will see all our doxies in different official colors and patterns. Our puppies are raised inside the house and in the family. Visit my side and look at my dogs. Standard, mini, kaninchen. All FCI colors. All our dogs live with us, at home. On the pages of the forum a lot of interesting information -articles, reports from exhibitions, photos and video.Our Kennel is located in St. Petersburg, Russia.Yours faithfully,Irina Mukhina. We are Dachshunds miniatures, wire haired, descended from a family kennel. Welcome in our family kennel. All our puppies are bred solely for health and temperament being as close to the breed standard as possible. We have puppies occasionally available to family homes. L'élevage du Bois de Morchêne est situé en Normandie dans le département du Calvados. La tua ricerca continua con altri annunci selezionati per te! Welcome to Heesa Meesas Italien Greyhound & Smooth Miniature Dachshund. For every puppy we are looking for the most responsible owners. We prefer Dachshunds Normalgrösse Rauhhaar, Deutscher Kurzhaariger Vorstehhunds,  English Cocker Spaniels and Rövidszörü Magyar Viszlas of high quality hunting characteristics. Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla's, selected by temperament, working ability and of course with that beautiful appearance which is so typical for these wonderful dogs. All unsere Welpen wachsen in mitten der Familie in Haus und Garten auf. Only miniature and Kaninchen. We don't have lots of litters- for us every Photos, information and bloodlines about our beloved Dachshunds. Where health meets beauty and good character. Enorme "Insetto foglia secca" sulla mia mano - Huge "withered-leaf Insect" on my hand ... Il video è stato girato a casa mia a Roma. Il Teckel o Dachsund è un cane conosciuto in Italia col nome di Bassotto, a sottolineare le corte zampe di questi cani rispetto al busto lungo. Vai al corpo del testo. Una focatura troppo estesa non è desiderabile. c logo: Francesco Merletti Wir züchten Teckel in den Farben: Schwarzrot, Rot, Schwarztiger, Braun, Brauntiger. Attenzione all’uso di stalloni di linee estere o all’importazione di cuccioli stranieri scelti in tutta fretta e con scarsa attenzione al loro background genetico. Maybe your next dachshund comes from Germany from my loving home rearing. Selezioniamo cuccioli Bassotto cinghiale, foglia secca e cioccolato, nelle taglie standard, nano e kaninchen per passione e per la divulgazione della razza. Da loro non potrà mai nascere un fulvo, a meno che siano accoppiati a loro volta con un biondo, dove il colore è però dato solo da quest’ultimo soggetto. Allevamento amatoriale per la selezione del bassotto tedesco a pelo duro. Bassotti tedeschi pelo duro taglia nana Cuccioli maschi foglia secca nati il 6 luglio e disponibili a fine del periodo di 60 gg. Montecatini-Terme (PT) 19 dic alle 07:14. Home of Kmai Miniature Wire-Haired Dachshunds& Petite Bassett Griffon Vendeen. ", so be my friend and play with me! Somiglia tantissimo al papà Barone che ne dite?? Selezionato e salvaguardato per molti anni da pochi allevatori, italiani e di altre nazioni europee, per puro amore di una pigmentazione tanto particolare, il colore fulvo nel bassotto a pelo duro (“foglia secca”, se tradotto alla lettera dallo Standard di Razza) è diventato ultimamente “di moda”. Small and familiar kennel, Miniature longhaired and smoothaired in Madrid, Spain. Hello! Allevamento per la selezione del bassotto a pelo duro e pelo corto nano e kaninchen e del pastore scozzese/collie. This is our hobby, and includes showing them around in Sweden and abroad. Petit élevage familial de Braques de Weimar à poil long et Teckels à poil long. We are concerned with the miniature and kaninchendachshund breeding. For all info Bassotti We breed Italien greyhound and Smooth Miniature Dachshund, we want a happy, helthy and nice looking IG/dachs, so our puppies can make many happy familys around the world! Allevare un pelo duro color foglia secca alla massima espressione del suo tipo è difficile. They grow healthy in nature, with careful breeding. Per informazioni sui nostri cani ci puoi contattare a questi recapiti: une portée par an de Braque de weimar. Nelle campagne del vercellese alleviamo con passione e serietà il Bovaro dell'Appenzell, il Bovaro del Bernese ed il Bassotto tedesco. Sie erfahren gerade dadurch ein hohes Maß an Sozialisierung, was uns unsere Welpenkäufer, Depuis mon enfance j'ai toujours voulu travailler avec les chiens. Bred for quality and Elegance. Our dogs all are living in the house, on our sofas and in our beds as a part of the family. IL COLORE FOGLIA SECCA NEL BASSOTTO A PELO DURO (da I Nostri Cani, Periodico Ufficiale dell'ENCI, anno 54°, nr. Since 1986. Allevamento Bassotti is on Facebook. But most important: healthy and a great caracter!!!! Nella mappa dei colori del bassotto sono descritti due tipi di geni per il fulvo, uno dominante e uno recessivo. Sono nati in casa l’1/11/2018 e vivono tutt’ora in casa; i genitori sono visibili insieme ai cuccioli. Breeding wirehaired standard and miniature dachshunds. Bernese Mountain Dog, Entlebucher Mountain Dog, smooth miniature dachshund. Allevamento Amatoriale per la selezione del bassotto tedesco a pelo duro nei colori cinghiale, foglia secca, cioccolato, nero focato ed arlecchino. Se non lo trovi imposta un avviso … More about them You can find out on our web page. Alleviamo bassotti standard, nano, kaninchen a pelo corto. się, pozłościsz, ale dowiesz się czy jamniki są dla Ciebie. Красноярск. Most of our dogs are shown at the dog shows. Kennel Kokopelli is a small kennel located in the south-eastern part of Norway. Smoothhaired Miniature & Kaninchen Dachshund Kennel. "Vives Bohemia" affix. Alleviamo bassotti nani a pelo duro di colore cinghiale, cioccolato e foglia secca. alleviamo bassotti nelle 3 taglie kancinhen-nani-standard. Kennel "Dachshund Land". Welcome!We hope you enjoy your visit and call back soon,We have been involved in the world of dogs since 1968, something We raise chocolate and tan dachshunds, black and tan, chocolate dapples, very small size.Gallery of our dogs and puppies, info about the breed and pedigrees.Allevamento di bassotti nani e kaninchen a pelo corto nei colori chocolate e nero focato. zachęcę Cię do rasy, rodowodu, płci, wystaw i rozrodu. Sie erfahren gerade dadurch ein hohes Maß an Sozialisierung, was uns unsere Welpenkäufer, mit denen wir auch danach noch Kontakt halten, uns immer wieder bestätigen.Unsere Welpen erhalten VDH-Papiere, sind geimpft und gechipt, We run a little home kennel of Miniature/Rabbit Short-Haired Dachshund. Breeding long haired miniature and kaninchen dachshunds in Finland. I'm a dachshund fan, so I'd like you to know more about my pets, my kennel. Welcome to our kennel!The main aim of our breeding - is to get dogs with typical temperament, well-balanced beautiful representatives of breed Dachshund. We breed standard wire-haired dachshunds with sound structure, style and good temperament.Our dogs, puppies, show results, photos. Forse proprio per questo (come accennavo sopra per il cioccolato) i pochi bassotti che riescono a raggiungere il “top” sono particolarmente premiati dai giudici, che riconoscono il lavoro attento, meticoloso e serio del loro allevatore. The puppies are welcome, care for and grow up in the best way. GASPET short hair Dachshunds We are dedicated to finding loving homes for our puppies. Welcome to Kennel Dachsverk in Norway We are breeder of longhair zwerg and kaninchen dachshund. To strona dla Ciebie. Principally we have puppies for ourselves for show dog passion. Pas de chenil. Cat : Sacred of Burma (Burma cats).Our website will introduce you to the reasons that brought us to breed these races, and you will find all puppys and Kittens that are available. Selezione dei colori più particolari: arlecchino (silver e chocolate), tigrato (fulvo e nero focato), piebald (non ammesso) e colori solidi (fulvo, nero focato e chocolate).Casa Mammola - di Michele Fiorini. longhaired dachshund varieties, Zarcrest covers three generations of humans with the younger member exhibiting Gundogs.Want to Learn more? Breeder of longhaired miniature dachshund. Jak ich nie lubisz wejdź tym bardziej, wyjdziesz zakochany. Marzia 333 7672522, Cuccioli maschi foglia secca nati il 6 luglio e disponibili a fine del periodo di 60 gg. Our kennel is actively developing. Après un premier succès lors de l'exposition Nationale du Club des teckels en 1986, l'élevage a remporté tous les ans, un ou plusieurs CACS, avec des sujets différents. Siamo un piccolo allevamento amatoriale di bassotti tedeschi a pelo duro situato in Veneto nella provincia di Padova gestito da appassionati di questa splendida razza. Cuccioli selezionati, allevati in casa, ottimo carattere, esenti da malattie genetico ereditarie. Our breeds - dachshund wirehaired miniature and kanninchen. I am Andrea Deák. We breed long haired miniature dachshunds with love. pour que nos chiens et les chiots ne développent pas de maladies héréditaires. Visita il nostro sito per informazioni sui nostri bassotti e cuccioli. Welcome to the kennel "aus der Wutzelgrube" in Germany. Based in Ireland we have Clumber Spaniels, Pointers and Miniature Smooth Dachshunds spread across our 3 family homes. To learn more about us and our Miniature Long haired Dachshunds please visit our web site. 29 talking about this. Find out all there is to know about Standard Smoothhaired Dachshunds and more... We are a small kennel in Finland. Our small kennel "Mini Karambolis" is located in Lithuania, the town named Kaunas. Allevamento riconosciuto enci e fci. "Einen RR zu besitzen ist kein Hobby, es ist eine Leidenschaft!". All puppies are KC registred with a 5 generation pedigree, puppy packs, free insurance, comfort blankets and ongoing support and advice. We are a small family based kennel based in Blackburn, Lancashire. My breed have outstanding qualitiesin terms of appearance (phenotype). News, articles, photos, puppies. ... Il nostro ideale di bassotto è quello che unisce la fisicità del cane da lavoro all'eleganza e bellezza del cane da esposizione. Gallery di foto dei nostri cani e cuccioli, informazioni sulla razza e pedigree. такса,шпиц и йоркширский терьер. Healthy, passionate and all-round hunting dogs with excellent exterior - that is our goal! pelo corto-pelo duro-pelo lungo. We are dog lovers from Latvia.All our dogs live in house with us.We don't keep our dogs or puppies in kennels,they are family members from the day they are born. Home kennel. More info you can see at our websites. Dachshund standart long haired for show and breeding. well-balanced and friendly individuals.I am very happy we managed to fulfill our plans and our dogs are successful on the show as well as they are great pets. Kennel Daksland from Russia. Hobbyzucht von Zwerglanghaarteckel. Bienvenue chez les Teckels BRETONS DE KER-KI-DOUAR Teckel Nain et Kaninchen Poil ras et poil dur.Elevage de sélection crée en 1978, ayant pour vocation l'amélioration de la race des teckels nains kaninchens poil ras et poil dur. E’ un momento in cui si dedica molta attenzione ai colori del mantello del bassotto in tutti i tipi di pelo. Hi,We breed several races of pets: Dogs : Shar-Pei, Chihuahua, and Dachshund. Outstanding Standard Wire-haired Dachshunds and Drevers. Allevamento riconosciuto Enci per la selezione del bassotto. Welcome on our website. Pierre di Maria. Standard and miniature longhaired dachshunds. We breed standard and miniature smoothaired dachshunds. Please visit our homepage for more information. 10, novembre 2008) RED COLOUR IN WIRE-HAIRED DACHSHUND (from “I Nostri Cani”, the ENCI Official Magazine, Year 54°, nr. Also a small breeding of shorthaired miniture Dachshunds. We are a small home basedkennel. Breeding long haired dachshunds and bullmastiffs in Ulvila, Finland. Long haired miniature and kaninchen dachshunds with care and love. We breed only wire-haired standard dachshund since 2000. Inutile dire che il bel foglia secca si deve presentare all’opposto del soggetto “champagne” di cui parlavamo all’inizio. Be to, jeigu užsiprenumeruosite „“ naujienlaiškius, pirmieji sužinosite apie vykstančias akcijas ir slaptąsias apgyvendinimo įstaigų kainas. Selective Dachshund breeding in Italy, wire haired miniature and kaninchen. Health checks include DNA testing, and GPRA as well as hip and elbow scorings. Long-hair miniatyr and kaninchen dachshunds small-scale breeding. Bassotto a pelo corto nei colori chocolate, arlecchino chocolate, arlecchino, nero focato e fulvo nelle taglie nana e standard. Palmanova (UD) 17 dic alle 13:09. 30 agosto, 16:52. We love dogs and Dachshunds are our beloved breed and it helps us in breeding. Bassotti nani e kaninchen color cinghiale,foglia secca e cioccolato